Virginia Bruce, Social Impact Entrepreneur and Brand Strategist

Virginia Bruce is a social entrepreneur with over 25 years experience as an international brand and business strategist.

Having worked for fortune 500 brands such as Warner Bros, Mattel and Coca Cola, she understands the power of global brands and the potential to impact peoples values and decision-making. Her goal is to utilise this knowledge to inspire and bring to life her vision to create brands that merge profit for good and philanthropy into a sustainable business model.

Virginia Bruce is currently the CEO of the REAL Group, a collective of businesses focused on realising the positive potential of people, business, brands and communities through design and creativity. For the past 7 years, she has invested significant funds and time in developing Hands That Shape Humanity into a social enterprise supported by influential activists Carlos Santana and Desmond Tutu.

Virginia consultants to businesses that want growth, success and impact. She aligns the company vision to the business strategy by integrating the 'why" and making sure it's authentic.

Virginia is a true entrepreneur with boundless optimism and an unyielding focus on maximising the potential and "wellness" of brands and businesses through creativity and the desire to change the world for the better.